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Donations helps keep this cat running

Thank you for your support!

The FastCoin Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Canada.  The FastCoin Foundation's mission  is to foster research, development and a learning environment that allows community members to develop their talents at their fullest potential.  It is with these objectives in mind that members can add value to all users seeking fast, easy to use and secure cryptocurrency transactions worldwide.
If you would like to help us achieve these goals, below are a few ways you can do so.

Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and FastCoin donations

Below you will find several wallet addresses we have setup to handle donations to FastCoin.  Please feel free to comment in our forum at on how you would like to see these funds spent or email us at  We wish to be as transparent as possible when receiving funds and encourage constructive feedback from our community members when doing so.  We understand and appreciate your contributions and realize that without your support FastCoin would not continue running.
FastCoin Donations
ETHER Donations
LITECOIN Donations
BITCOIN Donations
Thank you again for your support!  If you have any further questions or concerns please join our forum at
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